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Dreams - October

Dreams, those ethereal whispers that dance in the corridors of our minds are the romantic rendezvous of our imagination. They lure us with promises of a world where the extraordinary becomes ordinary and the impossible feels within reach. But, ah, dreams, they’re also the playground where sarcasm takes its mischievous dance, reminding us of life’s ironies and the quirks in our aspirations.

The whimsical nature of dreams, they're the love letters written to our desires, painting a romantic canvas where we can be anything, achieve everything, and skip over life's potholes like a graceful dancer. However, reality often sneaks in, offering a shot of sarcasm, and reminding us that unicorns might not solve all problems or rather unicorns don't exist.

Amidst the romantic sonnets and sarcastic shots, there lies the true essence of dreams – the audacity to persist. When dreams lock horns with life’s sarcasm, the pursuit is a story worth telling and living.

Fallen dreams are the necessary plot twists that add depth and substance to our stories. We stumble, we falter, we get hungover, yet the journey doesn’t end there. Resilience steps in, urging us to try again, to evolve, and to persist despite the setbacks.

Dreaming ain’t about having illusions in our minds; it's about daring to envision a reality beyond the present, there comes a time when grounding oneself in reality is crucial. Stepping away from the euphoric world of dreams allows us to tend to the garden of our present. This break from the realm of dreams isn't an abandonment but a pause to anchor the current moment.

And to end this, here is a quote from one of my favorite TV Shows - “Sometimes it’s better not to touch your dream - Hank Moody”

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