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Nature’s Liminal Space.

So what is a liminal space?

Liminal space refers to a transitional or in-between state or place. It's a sense of being on the threshold between two different states, such as between point A to point B, between one stage of life and another. Liminal spaces can evoke feelings of disorientation, but they can also be rich with potential for growth, transformation, and new insights.

At times, being a liminal space can feel uncomfortable. The absence of clear direction and also about surrendering to the flow of life itself. Like a river carving its path through the landscape. I have come to realize that I serve as a liminal space for many who enter and exit my ecosystem offering support, and sanctuary as they navigate the raging waters of change.

From insects to predators, tiny plants to huge trees, souls have crossed paths with mine in the midst of life's uncertainties. Some come seeking shelter, others seeking companionship in moments of loneliness. Regardless I put my guards down to all who are in need, offering a safe road amidst the storm and letting them grow here.

I have watched fierce predators and tiny beings face their deepest fears and emerged stronger on the other side. It requires immense patience, empathy, and self-awareness to hold space for others. Being a liminal space for others may appear noble and selfless, but beneath the surface lies a labyrinth of loneliness. 

And then I encountered a soul in her boundless grace whose life resonated with mine, sparking a profound sense of connection. She is a timeless muse, from ancient earth. I envisioned weaving our lives together, embarking on a shared journey filled with dreams. Perhaps it was naive of me to have a vision without considering that I was created by nature herself and our time together was short. I failed to see the reality. With each changing season she unveils a new side of her beauty, falling for her is like surrendering to a storm of raw beauty, fierce and sometimes overwhelming and that’s exactly what this liminal space needed. It's an unrestrained romance, heartfelt as deep as the oceans where my heart speaks yet it's silent because nature is unattainable.

For it is in the liminal spaces of life that we truly come alive, be giving to others who are on your path, be it your time, wisdom, prayers or love. I am not sure if something will come out of it now, later or ever or if it's a gift or a burden.. Maybe this is my purpose for now. 

I am the liminal space. 

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